Hello October!!!

    October is the month for sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, trick-or-treating on Halloween 👻 🎃 (which is also Willow Smith’s birthday 🎂 🎁), and if you’re old enough— parties 🥃🎈🍷 🎉🥂 🎊 . It’s also a fresh month for new goals and opportunities as well, so I will be using month to try some new things.
    Firstly, I won’t be waking up at 6 AM daily like I naturally do (I take after my mother in that area). I will now be waking up at 4 AM. It’s extremely difficult to do and I know this cause I’ve been trying but these days I’ve noticed because I’ve been going to bed at 2 AM it’s hard. However I feel like once I start going to bed have a reasonable time, getting up at 4 AM should be a breeze. Also September 30th, (yesterday), I actually succeeded in getting up at 4 A.M.
    ♥️⚜️October’s Very Own Goals⚜️♥️
    🍃new job
    -It would definitely be nice to see what people are complaining about as far as the vanilla jobs go so I’m definitely looking forward to complaining about a 9 to 5.
    🍁Start Learning French
    -I’m going to be doing this from home obviously. And have already set up my schedule to do so.
    🌹new $$$
    I’m trying to get it how I can so I wanna have it coming in more than one ways. Trappin, Trappin, Trappin!!! Anyone really knows you knows exactly how I get my money but there’s so many other avenues I have that I don’t disclose to anyone. And I’m not going to disclose them here today. You can’t really trust people and when they see you gettin it and they’re not, jealousy tends to rise and you don’t need that.
    🍁Exercise 3-4x a week (Start training at home then to the gym).
    🌹new crib
    🍃New endeavors
    – I’m not specifically sure what it’s going to be if it’s one thing or more than one. But I am looking forward to giving into modeling, sewing, baking, and I would also like to be an FGG official.
    🍁Run 1-2x a week
    🍁Gain 30 lbs.
    🍁Get my iPhones 📱📲 fixed (recently cracked the screen😫).
    🍁Get 2 new tattoos
    🍁Save for BLACK FRIDAY!
    🍁Build my credit.
    🍁Save $10k💸💸💸💸💸.
    🍁Establish a Morning Routine
    🍁EAT 6x a day
    – I’ve already establish the right times for me to eat, I just need to find a perfect meal plan for me now but in the meantime I’m leaning toward’s meal plans that will help me gain weight.
    🍁Read for thirty mins nightly
    🍁Journal for 15 mins nightly
    🍁Pay off college debt.
    🍁Follow a monthly budget
    – List expenses. Live frugal as F*CK. Have DISCIPLINE.
    🍁Social Media Detox
    – I haven’t really figured out how I want to go about this when yet because I get a lot of my motivational workout motivation from social media right now and I don’t have a space to save the pictures I need to so I’m gonna have to really figure this out and try to internalize some messages so that I can detox.
    – This Is going to be toward the end of the month where I’ll be able to put some things together with my sisters.
    🍃new friends
    🌹new man
    🍃new car
    🌹new places
  • So there’s some of my goals for the month of October. Let me know what some of your goals for October are😁✅ on Twitter📱.
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