How to Find A POT & Actual SDs

Disclaimer: GROW UP! FACTS ARE FACTS! If you don’t agree with this post or the lifestyle related to this post, thats fine. It’s your personal opinion on the matter. However there are women and men who are in this lifestyle as well as those who aren’t in the lifestyle that not only support this lifestyle but understand it and it’s dynamics as well. Have a great day✨☀️😇👍🏾🌸.

As women, we were taught to find a husband, have children and be home makers. Over the centuries that has stayed the same but changed in a lot of ways. Every woman wants to be taken care of whether she’s single, engaged or married. Now, if you’ve ever experienced having all your needs met or had a man treat you to some of the really exquisite things life has to offer, then you know that it makes him happy to make you happy. There is a happy place in his heart when he’s able to do those things for you because he cares about you.

We all know that men do what they do for women! They get the best cars, the best jobs and the most money so they can impress who? Women. Every woman wants to go shopping, have everything she needs and wants. As women get older, our looks will fade away, husband may leave or cheat on because someone younger came by. Maybe he won’t. And that’s fine. Men will keep their money even though they’re old and gross BUT they always know they can use their money to get a young girls attention ESPECIALLY ONE GOING THROUGH IT. A baddie turns 18 every day and my logic says if there are men out here willing to pay you because you look good then jump on it because you NOT GETTING younger. Now please do not mistake that for a jab at older women— it’s not. We must respect them because they are the OG’s of the game but we do need to realize that in American society and really any society, that the older a woman gets, the less attractive she is made to seem. Even though that’s not the case.

There’s nothing wrong with being a 40+ sugarbaby at all, because trust me I’ve seen it, but I also know there are older women who got out when they felt it was right because, it’s wasn’t something they want to do forever. Thankfully not every (older) guy is creepy and wants an 18-year-old forever. You’ll always look good don’t get me wrong but how many guys do you see paying women that’s 40+ to be a sugarbaby? She’s either his wife or can’t and/or doesn’t want to get out that life!


I want to start with definitions and commonly used terms in the sugar world. From there I’ll tell you how to take care of yourself as a sugar baby (which is basically or should be daily living for any young lady). After that I’ll list locations📍 and tips.

🔸Sugar Definitions:

POT n. (pē-oh-tē): A potential Sugar Daddy. This is a guy you might not have met in person yet, but he is someone you’re seriously considering an arrangement with. You may have been on a date with him, but nothing solid has been established. Usually appealed he will give you a meeting token because he appreciates your time. For example I’ve seen some of my friends get $1,500.00, I’ve been given $1,200.00, and there’s been other times where I’ve gotten $300.00 just for meeting!

SUGAR DADDY: A rich man who lavishes gifts ($1000+ allowances, cars, houses/apartments, jewelry, trips, expensive dinners and more) on a young woman in return for her company OR sexual favors. Genuine sugar daddies, however, are quite comfortable discussing terms, and letting you know what they want out of an arrangement. Every arrangement is not sexual, and trust me, this is true!!! Even though they may seem really hard to find, it’s so worth it when you do find one and depending on what environments you place yourself in, it shouldn’t be hard! Stick to your standards to get exactly what you want. Do not let anyone convince you that what you’re looking for is not out there or that you have to compromise your standards to get by. YOU DON’T‼️


SALT DADDY n. (salt-da-dē): Someone who is referred to as “a piece of salt” means he’s not a real Sugar Daddy. There is some confusion on what the true meaning of a Salt Daddy is. This is most commonly used to describe a man who is not rich OR generous enough to be a Sugar Daddy, but uses the lies, or misleading ideas to lure unsuspecting women into believing he is a generous spender. In my experience, salty dudes shy away from discussing allowances and arrangements.  He may insult you when you bring up money, or put you down as some type of fashion, and they’re just all-around salty🧂 about not being able to get you, the gift, for free or cheap🤣🤷🏾‍♀️🤮. My favorite salt daddies are the ones who tell you what your self-worth should be but can’t afford it🤣🤣🤣.

SALTY v. (sȯl-tē): This is a term used by most people to describe someone who is unhappy or sour. In the Sugar World, it’s more referring to them not wanting a traditional Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship. He might be looking for a girlfriend instead of a Sugar Baby, and that can be deemed salty by some players in the bowl. A girlfriend it’s just a free live in cool, therapist and pussy that he needs, while he treats her like a bare minimum basic and nothing more.

SPLENDA DADDY n. (splen-duh-da-dē): Artificial sweetener (A. K. A. FAKE) is the idea here since a Splenda Daddy is one that wants with all his heart to be a Sugar Daddy, but just doesn’t have the money for it. These guys are good for dinners, rent once or twice, maybe a purse and friendships, but shouldn’t be taken as seriously as a man who does have the resources to be a Sugar Daddy. If he had the funds, he’d be much more fun, if you will.

PAY-PER-MEET n. (pā-pər-mēt): An arrangement you agree to be paid-per-meeting with a set amount per meeting. This can be something long lasting and is usually more realistic nowadays. It’s also a way to not get ripped off if you aren’t sure they have it in their bank account. Pay-per-meet is also referred to as pay-for-play, and that’s not the game for you everyone. That’s an entirely different blog post and if it is your game, that’s cool, but we’re strictly talking about sugaring right now. 

FREESTYLE v. (frē-stīəl): Searching for your Sugar Daddy in real life is the fine art of freestyling. This can be done anywhere POTs are found.



SKIN: Great skin, unlike great hair, doesn’t have to be expensive. DIY skin care can be awesome and effective, and some girls use only the cheapest, blandest, drugstore skin care (i.e. Cerave, Cetaphil, etc.) and have GORGEOUS skin. But find what works for you. There’s so many products out there you will have to go through a significant amount before you figure out what works best for your skin. My suggestion to cut out the unnecessary spending and possibly jeopardization of your skin is to go to a doctor, skin doctor, dermatologist or an esthetician and have them do a test on your skin to see exactly what it is you need to be doing and using for your specific skin type.

Use expensive products if you need to, I would definitely rather you use something expensive and get the results you’re looking for versus being cheap and jeopardizing your skin further. Get facials. Get lasered. Basically, spend what you need to to get great skin, because it will pay off.

Ombré Brows/ WAXING: Get. Your. Eyebrows. DONE (for those that have enough to get waxed😂). Don’t have this problem? Gotta draw your brows on like me? Get your eyebrows permanently ombred. It’s not permanent forever obviously, but it will last you about a month or two. After that you will have to go get them refilled. Then get your armpits waxed. By someone great. I will probably follow my brow lady to the ends of the earth, she is so wonderful. Do maintenance with tweezers to keep the looking nice between appointments. Additionally, get your pussy waxed. It’s better than shaving and lasts longer than shaving. I don’t know about you but one thing I hate is having pubic hair when I’m on my menstrual. Also with me living in Arizona is just too damn hot for that shit. Some women and men like it… some don’t. We’re in the business of pleasing men, like it or not. On that note, legs should be shaved as well.

HAIR: My suggestion is for you to do what is necessary and best for your natural hair first. Meaning go get it washed, conditioned, and blow dried… if you need your ends clipped— do that too. After you have successfully done that, find the best hairstylist in your city, Go in with an empty schedule and a full wallet. Find the best salon in your city and get the works. Any hairstyle would do, as long as it’s fresh and neat.

♡♡♡Get this for your house♡♡♡

BODY: Join a gym, get a trainer, take up yoga, work out at home, whatever. Eat lots of great, fresh food. Even if weight loss isn’t you goal, an active and healthy lifestyle is attractive. Not to mention working out in wealthy neighborhoods will allow you to connect with wealthy benefactors.

MIND: Read. Read a lot. Read books, read magazines, read the paper, as much as you can. Bonus points for reading sections that would interest a SD (business, politics, arts, etc.). If you’re in college, study hard. If you aren’t try taking some online courses, or maybe one at your local community college. Learn about business and law and politics. Learn about art, music, and theatre. Take classes in singing or acting or public speaking or wine tasting. You’ll be bettering yourself and your mind, as well as improving your conversation skills with SDs. These men are smart and powerful and they want a woman who can keep up.

MAKEUP: At the very least you should buy: foundation, primer, setting powder, blush, a highlighting and a contouring powder, concealer, black gel liner, mascara, a neutral eyeshadow palette, a brow pencil, a nude lipliner, and a nude-pink lipstick. LASHES. Please at least TRY TO HAVE THEM ALWAYS DONE. AT THE VERY LEAST. It should go without saying I’m talking about Sephora and Department store brands. Buy nice brushes. Sigma makes a great brush kit with just about any brush you would need. If you know nothing about makeup, watch youtube videos, or get a lesson. Most makeup artists offer lessons where they show you how to best apply makeup. Master at least one look that makes you look gorgeous that you can wear anywhere.

POT Hotspots/Date Locations

Obviously we know what we’re looking for. So don’t make it too obvious and don’t let it be known. You should be looking, smelling and feeling like money anyway so anyone who does approach should be coming correct ANY FUCKING WAY!!!


Good for: Meeting for the First Time, As well as Freestyling & scouting to see who drives what and who frequents the coffee shops you frequent.

Restroom Breaks:

Use these to freshen up, touch up your make up, catch up on texts/calls, glimpse social media and if it’s not going to your liking… call another ride😂/friend for an excuse to leave.

🍱🍛🍜Nice Restaurants🍝🥗🥘

Good for: Meeting for the First Time. Celebrating the POT becoming your SD. Taking yourself out to dinner could be a way to find a POT, as well as going out with a POT and looking to see who’s there alone so you can next time by yourself and be prepared to get numbers.

🍺🍻🍹Bars & Casinos🍸🍻🍺

Good for: Freestyling

I wouldn’t suggest meeting at a bar for the first meet, a sports bar maybe cause there’s food but I don’t think it’s the best simply because any LIQUOR dates are bad for negotiating and you need to be on your A-GAME to talk YOUR NEEDS/MONEY!!!


Good for: Freestyling


Things to Pay Attention to:

How he looks: Think beyond “handsome” because he probably won’t be. What I mean, is does he look hygienic? Do his clothes look good? Does he smell nice?

Location: Where are you meeting? Is it nice? Does it feel like a place a wealthy and mature man would frequent? Is it perhaps well known or famous?

When you get there: It should go without saying that he should pay for everything. But watch his reactions as you order. Is he cringing when you order something expensive? Is he encouraging you to get whatever you want? Is he rushing the meal or is he taking his time, making sure you’re enjoying the meal?

Form of payment: Try to slyly check out what kind of credit card he’s paying with. Not foolproof, but seeing a well regarded card, like a platinum amex, is a good sign.

After the date: I don’t think a cash gift is always necessary after a date, especially when you’ve agreed on a multi-thousand dollar allowance, which you expect on the next date. But he should compensate you for any travel expenses.

When asking for an allowance: Make a big request, when they refuse, ask for something smaller. It will seem reasonable in comparison, and they will be more likely to say yes. So ask for more than you really want, best case scenario, they agree to it. Worst case, they give you what they think is less. EX: you ask for $4,000.00 a month for expenses you have knowing in reality you need $1,000.00. He says no and agrees to $2,000.00. In his mind, he got over on you, but he didn’t. You got what you needed plus a bonus! And if he says yes, you’re up +$3,000. And if you use ya expensive lashes and puppy dog 🐶 face, he may give you another $1K.

Use this when out shopping, or when asking for an allowance raise.

Hopefully this helps whoever may need it 🙌🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

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