From Earth to Aelion

💭My… my back… it’s not hurt. I’m… I’m not hurt!!!! You’d think from such a nasty fall I’d be injured — dead even. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Okay. If I’m not dreaming that means that orange sphere was real… AND GOD IS REAL🤯🤩🤩🤩. I fuckin knew it🤭🤭🤭. Shit🤔. I’m dead😶. I can’t even prove it😠😡🤬🤷🏾‍♀️. I don’t remember anything… but the last hour of my life. I don’t know where I dropped from but it was very high up in the sky and on top of that— I’m not sure where I am. I still cannot believe I’m not hurt. If I see that orange sphere again I’m going to take a picture…. hopefully.

I hear a thunderous, strong voice— yet I see no one.

The orange sphere reappeared… God is here. Is it weird to feel star struck, and super blessed cause who else has met God? No one I know 😂😂😂.

I have chosen you for a reason my daughter. You are a beautiful and divine creation from my own love. I’ve chosen to present myself to you in organic spirit matter. You have a purpose and are a being of light. You will no longer remember who you were on Earth or any part of your human experience as you are a God now and your past life holds no merit here.

You will create new memories here. Your human experience has been voided forever and you shall never return. I’ve equipped you with a companion who will serve you & never leave your side— the same way I never have as well as a indestructible sword. A great battle has begun my child and I have chosen you as my humble and faithful servant to fight in my honor.

Understand that there will be many great battles— some easier than others and some seeming too great to bare; know I’ve given you these battles to make you stronger in might. They weren’t created to break you. Why would I break what I’ve created and love ever so dearly? I ask that in everything you do, you do in my honor— with love, with the well being of others in mind and genuine care.

Tell your story here as you did on Earth so that those after you will learn and continue to flow through love and learning. I want the unity of my children… I’m always with you— as I am within you. Now, I must go as your first Godly experience awaits you (or unGodly I should say… heh… that’s right… The Most High has a sense of humor).

The sword I have equipped you with will not only serve as a shield of protection for you but will get stronger as you get stronger. I created this sword specially for you and it doesn’t work for anyone else as it will for you. With this you will be able to fight the battles that stand before you. You will not always have or need a weapon but you will always be equipped with my love and wisdom which will ensure no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

I’m in a dark cave and it appears that there’s no way out… I know that there is I just don’t know where it is. I see synthetic merkabas all around me hanging and the energy getter is definitely iffy if not completely off. I don’t see anyone else here that is like me. Just monsters and horrible creatures that I would have never thought existed in ANY world.

Nevertheless, I have to proceed. Hopefully because I’m a God now, it’ll be easy.

Companion: Your health is full. I would suggest taking the back entrance that way you don’t procure unnecessary damage to yourself.

Me: what is your name companion?

Companion: you haven’t given me one ma’am.

Me: Companion, Your name is Cypher.

Companion: I am Cypher. What shall I call you?

Me: Rih’Aelie.

Cypher: So I shall Rih’Aelie. Please Proceed with caution ⚠.

Cypher: My indicators report that there’s a panel that you can activate to open the entrance to the next dungeon which leads to an exit.

Spirit Science Short Explaining Synthetic Mekabas

Cypher: Now that you’ve activated the panel, you will have to go up against a Synthetic Merkaba. I’m able to deliver 30% damage every 120 seconds so you won’t be completely alone in this battle. Be careful though— once the SynMer starts to lose the battle it will then replicate itself over 10 times to regain strength while distracting you. Good luck Rih.

I have to say, I wasn’t ready for this fight but I can say I’m happy I won’t have to do it again. I win the battle and was able to lock up the SynMer but I have a feeling this isn’t the end.

I’ve won this battle and now I can actually go out and see what the rest of this world looks like. It’s so gloomy here and I know I said this before but the energy here is so off it’s bothering me. Hopefully I begin to regain my memory from my past life but if not then I’m going to make the best of this life for sure!!!!!

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