Good Morning☀️☕️🗞🥓🍳🥞beautiful Black Queen👸🏾👸🏿👸🏽 ! Thank you for starting your day with me. If you’re reading this when I intended you to… then you’re reading in the morning as you get your day started. I hope you have a hot cup of tea ☕️ in your hands as you read this— not only because it’ll give you something to do as you read but it’s also good for you to hydrate your body after 8 hours of dehydration (a. k. a. sleep 😴💤💤💤). Also it’s gonna add to the Black Girl Magic glow that you exude daily✨🔮💫🦄!!!

A Queen is always worth the wait— so grab your tea ☕️ as I wait ❤️



I just want you to know that I understand you have high expectations for yourself, I get it. I completely understand. But you don’t have to beat yourself up when you’re not getting there quick enough or progressing fast enough. As long as you’re working towards what you want then you’re on the right path. Stop beating yourself up and start putting yourself in a position to win because slow progress is better than no progress! Instead of getting down on yourself for not being where you want to be, try to do everything you can to get there faster. That means you have to work twice as hard to accomplish your goals‼️. Your agenda for the week should be twice as full in the upcoming months.

Queen, start patting yourself on the back and showering yourself with love, daily affirmations and truths baby girl.


I love me. The only one above me is my angel 💜🎀🌸Cassidy🌸🎀💜 and above her God almighty. I have been through so much in my life and I am grateful because I have conquered and overcome so many obstacles, trials, and tribulations. I’m proud of myself because I didn’t think that (at the time when I was going through these things) I could get through any of it!!! WELL, here I am today standing! Still going, still fighting, still pushing. I know exactly what I’ve been through so I am damn fucking proud of myself for not being weak & not being defeated like I should be.


Think of the worst shit you’ve been through. Haven’t you been through the most shit? Didn’t you think your life was over when that shit was happening to you? Aren’t You Alive Right Now? Aren’t you happy you got through whatever was going on then even though you swore on yo life and Gods life you wouldn’t make it through? Aren’t you blessed God gave you another day to go get it TODAY?

Go head and lie so I can slap you 😂👋🏾

I’ll wait. You shouldn’t have to even think about it lmaoooooo. Have you ever mourned a family member or friend? Right! So you cried cause they don’t have what you do right? Life. Okay. That right there is a reason we cry and hurt…. because someone lost life. So it’s like everyone wants to die but no one wants to die but we’re all gonna die but no one ever really dies.

I’ve been forced to be okay even when I wasn’t. That facade helped me to really be strong because once you see your entire life fall apart, you also realize who’s there for you and who isn’t. It’s very hard dealing with the fact that the people you trusted, can’t be trusted, 60-100K thoughts a day (not just me, every human), negativity, and tbh my biggest problem is literally dealing with life. The LOA. I won’t comment on that though as it’s a very long, very deep discussion but….

In the last 10 years or so, people have begun to really feel themselves resulting in them commenting on everything you post, everything you do, and everything you are. I believe this is what caused the HUGE clapback season commotion‼️I completely understand that there will be times that you have to clapback but ONLY clapback when you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Ex: Someone says something about your child, dead BD or Fam. Other than that, don’t waste your energy. I understand that you want to so desperately and you will BUT not right away. This year instead of clapping back right away we’re gonna put that on pause so we can have agreat clapback season.

I wrote this because I was writing this as a letter to myself that I could read every single day as I’m getting my day started but I felt like other people might need to hear these things as well.

Also I want to say happy birthday to the most amazing little sister I could ever have. I’m so proud of you you’ve grown into such an amazing and beautiful woman. You’re so strong headed and intelligent and I love that about you you’re so about your money and you’re so amazing like I can’t even find the words right now because you’re such a go-getter and you’ve always been that way and I hope you never lose that I know you won’t ever lose that and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you happy birthday Queen👸🏽✨💕💸🚘🏡 Today is February 4, 2018 and 19 years ago today you graced us with your presence so thank you❤️💕❤️💕❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗



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